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Shiny new public school expected to turn around poor student performance

They've wasted their money.  It's what's in the heads of the kids that determines educational achievement.  And expecting minority kids to learn computer programming is totally dumb.  I tried to teach university sociology students that with little success.  Only the very bright can learn languages like 'C' -- in its many variations

Natural light filters through the four-story glass and steel building. There are state-of-the-art science labs, a computer center, and a rooftop garden for botany lessons. Even the boiler room can double as a real-world teaching lab for physics.

The $73 million Dearborn 6-12 STEM/Early College Academy � the first newly constructed school for the Boston system in 15 years � is a far cry from the century-old building it replaced in the heart of Roxbury, where young Irish immigrants once learned how to sew, iron clothes, make beds, and clean bathtubs as future maids for t…
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Can We Help Students Avoid Making Bad College Decisions?

Remember Occupy Wall Street? Hordes of young people, mostly college graduates with a load of debt and no job, protested against their �oppression� and demanded that the government do something do relieve them of their poor decisions.

Would some of them, at least, have had a successful path if they had gone to a different school or chosen a different major? Probably so.

In today�s Martin Center essay, Jenna Robinson writes about a new plan at the Department of Education to eliminate the Obama-era �gainful employment� regulations aimed at sketchy for-profit schools and replace it with a program of publicizing student debt to earnings data for students at all colleges. The data would be published on the Department�s College Scorecard site.

�This level of transparency could help students make better decisions about their college education. But it is not clear that students will change their behavior with the new information, as some sta…
A debt-free college degree? It�s possible

My husband and I have been sneaking high fives because, come this fall, all three of our children will be in college. And, here�s the sweetest part: They�re all going to school with no debt.

We don�t come from money. We didn�t inherit cash because a relative died. There were no lottery winnings or strike-it-rich stock picks.

My husband and I were raised in low-income households. We�re first-generation college graduates. But as important as college was in pushing us up economically, we felt strongly about avoiding student loans for our children. Debt is a cuss word in our house.

Yet, I understand that, for many families, our pact of no student loans may not be realistic. There�s not enough money left over after the necessities to save for college. I get it that they see no other way than to take out loans.

Mass. students borrowing more to attend public universities

Once upon a time in Massachusetts, students looking for an affordable path to earning …
Prominent 'lesbian feminist' NYU professor, 66, being sued for harassment DENIES sexually assaulting her student, 34, and claims the messages she sent him were 'gay-coded'

The prominent female New York University professor being sued by a former male student who has accused her of sexual harassment said that her relationship with him was not sexual and that the affectionate emails they exchanged were just 'gay-coded' correspondence.

Professor Avita Ronell, 66, a world-renowned professor of German and comparative literature, released a statement on Friday in response to a lawsuit filed against her this week by former student and advisee, Nimrod Reitman, 34. [Well named?]

In the lawsuit, Reitman said he was subjected to unwanted kissing and groping, and he said he received many messages that made him uncomfortable. [How awful for the petal]

Ronell denied having any sexual contact with her former student and said their emails contained 'exaggerated expressions of…
NY University offers free tuition for all medical students

New York University is offering free tuition for all of its medical students. The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday the move is a first among major US medical schools.

Rising tuition and six-figure loans have been pushing new doctors into higher-paying fields and contributing to a shortage of researchers and primary care physicians.

The associate dean for admissions and financial aid, Dr. Rafael Rivera, said there�s a ��moral imperative�� to reduce debt.

��Our full-tuition scholarships make it possible for aspiring physicians to choose a specialty based on their talent and inclinations to better serve the communities who need it most, and to more easily pursue scientific breakthroughs that improve how we care for patients,�� the NYU School of Medicine said on its website.

Tuition was about $55,000 for the coming year. Most medical students will still need to pay about $29,000 for annual room and board and other living expenses.

Enforcing Classroom Disorder: Trump Has Not Called Off Obama's War on School Discipline

Executive Summary

In January 2014, the Obama administration issued a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) on school discipline. The DCL�prepared by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education�s Office for Civil Rights (OCR)�claimed that: (1) school districts rely excessively on suspensions; (2) black students are suspended at disproportionately high rates primarily because of educators� racial bias; (3) suspensions cause substantial long-term harm to students; and (4) schools should curtail traditional discipline (suspensions) in favor of new �restorative� approaches that emphasize dialogue over punishment.

Critics of the DCL contend that it directly triggered a reduction in school suspensions nationwide, which has led to a rise in classroom disorder and violence.[1] Supporters argue that the DCL is merely �nonbinding guidance,� a simple reminder to school districts to administer sc…
Has brainwashing by the far-left gone too far?

Mamdouh AlMuhaini

Well-known historian Niall Ferguson complains from the dominance of leftist ideas on American universities, especially on the faculties of history, political sciences and sociology.

In a recent interview he lamentingly said he was so na�ve because he thought talents, perseverance and efficiency are the standards of progress in academic work and in all other fields but he was wrong as he recently figured out that ideology is the most important factor.

Those with a leftist ideology support one another and eliminate people with different ideas until their voice and influence disappear. Whenever a conservative academic leaves a faculty, he�s replaced with a historian with a leftist tendency. By doing so, the influence of the leftist ideology increases.

The leftist vision thus decisively dominates students� minds even in the most prestigious universities. Ferguson, who published interesting writings including an important biograp…